Welding Engineer

Salford Manchester

Full Time

Based in our Salford facility, Langfields has an immediate requirement for a Welding Engineer. It is expected that the candidate will be able to fulfil the role of Welding Engineer taking on the following responsibilities:-  The Welding Engineer is responsible for: Establish good working relationships with other Welding Control and Design...

TBC depending on experience and qualifications.

Ref: WE Sal

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Latest News

Lined Deaerator Vessel Leaving Works in Dunfermline

Recently completed internally lined Deaerator vessel leaving works in Dunfermline complete in transport lifting shipping frame along with lifting turning frame on bottom to allow vertical positioning with one crane, heading for a platform in the North sea.

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Ged Keigher 50 years still going strong

Chargehand sheet metal worker Ged Keigher, earlier this month completed his 50th year as a Langfields employee, Ged started as a 15 year old straight from school on 1st May 1967 as an apprentice sheet metal worker. An amazing achievement, Ged is pictured here with Rob Dean and the rest of the Langfields...

Friday 12th May 2017