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Client recommendation following Global Collaboration

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Langfields have recently completed a large scale shutdown project for a fertiliser manufacturer that grew unexpectedly, but with the help of some other companies from within the group, the team came away with not only a great recommendation but also the prospect of future similar large scale projects.

The project that involved specialist orbital welding was due to last between 7 – 10 days. Unfortunately one week before the project was due to start the plant crashed, causing equipment to cool too quickly, affecting the weld ability of the existing welds and base materials.

At this point Langfields were able to call on the support other group companies (CPS and Global Project Services) to be able to turn the project around for their client which more than doubled in man hours. Upon the completion of the project, the combined team had carried out 64 butt welds, welded in the 5G position. The Alloy 800H 1.5” NB 7.94mm thick welds were subjected to 100% Radiographic testing, all passed 1st time. 

The success of this project using the combined group capability opens up great opportunities for Langfields to be able to work on bigger shutdowns in the future.