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Condensate Offloading Metering Skid Manufactured for FLNG Vessel

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

At our Dunfermline Facility, Langfields have recently manufactured a Condensate Offloading Metering Skid for a FLNG Vessel. The unit is a four stream 12” Coriolis metering skid with 12” Coriolis master meter. The Inlet and outlet headers are 24”.


The Skid, which is 13.6 meters long x 6 meters wide weighing 71 tonnes, has now been loaded out of the facility and is en-route to the client, a great effort by all involved on the project.


Full project details & tasks carried out -

  • All procurement of pipework and steelwork.
  • Full fabrication of pipework and steelwork.
  • Full assembly of skid including all coating and insulation.
  • Supply and running of all instrument tubing and hook ups.
  • Supply of junctions boxes cable and cable tray and complete install.
  • Full skid preservation.
  • Lifting beam and sling set supplied.
  • All valves and instruments were free issue and installed by us.
  • Sample cabinet and analyser house free issue installed piped and wired up by us.
  • Complete flow test done on unit with the support of service and software engineers.

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